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  • "The team at Eztek worked well to ensure the upgrades to our RtC data loggers were managed within budget, whilst exceeding our expectations.…

    Altus Intervention, United Kingdom

11th May 2015

Eztek Expands Instrumentation Rentals


Due to increasing demand for rental units across many of its product ranges, Eztek Limited is expanding its fleet of readily available instrumentation.

“This will be particularly relevant for local clients looking to reduce overhead costs without sacrificing the efficiency and capabilities offered by our products,” explains General Manager Robin Hunter. “As always, we work with clients to ensure they have what they need. On occasion, that means providing units on a temporary basis.”

Many of Eztek’s data loggers, including Zone 2 TallyBooks and MultiLog workshop loggers, have previously been supplied as rental units.

New products, such as the improved TestLog workshop logger and the P3 (portable perforating panel), are now also available for rental, along with the popular EziPod units.

Regional Sales Engineer Tom McMillan states, “Due to the compatibility of our products with other systems, and the fact that we can configure software in-house, rental is a good fit for Eztek. I’m really pleased we can offer more clients this option.”