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    Altus Intervention, United Kingdom

28th April 2015

P3 - Portable Perforating Panel

 The new EziLine P3 (portable perforating panel) embodies the best of what Eztek has to offer. Built with client needs in mind, the P3 has all of the flexibility of their universally compatible perforating panel with less weight and in a wheeled pelicase.

As with Eztek’s standard EziLine perforating panel, the P3 provides the power required for igniting electrical detonators, with wire routing and shooting CCL detection. The panel is suitable for use with off-the-shelf EFI and EBW firing tools. The rugged Pelicase includes lid storage for cabling, while the retractable handle and trolley wheels mean that it is easily transportable to difficult locations.

Jaz-Tek currently uses the P3 at their state of the art facility in Aberdeen, as Graham Montgomery, Operations VP/Director at Jaz-Tek explains:

“Jaztek are pleased to report that working with Eztek team has delivered yet another innovative product to add to our service inventory. With the P3 panel we are able to mobilise efficiently on commercial air craft flights limiting the need for freight forwarding and the necessary paperwork to achieve the same results.

We gave the P3 a thorough bench test and training to our field specialists with no issues as the principal operations are the same as the rake mounted unit. The delivery on the P3 perforating panel has helped support our rapid response service in assisting clients with their pipe recovery requirements at short notice. The versatility speaks for itself. Having the ability to mobilise the unit quickly and maintain the full serviceability of the rake mount unit is fantastic. All the field specialists are more than pleased with this upgrade in terms of reduced manual handling and ease of use in the field.”

The P3 is also available as a rental unit (restrictions apply). Please call 01224 791977 to enquire, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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