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  • "The team at Eztek worked well to ensure the upgrades to our RtC data loggers were managed within budget, whilst exceeding our expectations.…

    Altus Intervention, United Kingdom

4th July 2016

Clients Rely on Our Wired Intercom Systems

Eztek recently shipped out the first part of a large order of wired intercom systems, complete with Zone 1 Master Stations and wall mountable speaker-microphones. 

Our wired intercom systems continue to be popular with our clients, who know the value of having reliable communication in a hazardous environment. The cables we provide are NEK 606 armoured cables. The cabling means that the remote stations do not need separate local power sources. Unlike wireless rig intercoms there is no risk of the remote station failing, and safety being compromised, because batteries were not recharged.

While most wireless devices are hand held, both our 2 Way TalkBack and 4 Way TalkBack rig intercom systems are hands free, with the speaker also acting as a microphone, allowing rig workers to continue to perform their tasks safely and effectively.

All of our systems offer independent local and remote volume settings, to ensure best communication. The 4 Way TalkBack offers direct communication to specific locations as well as an emergency broadcast button for increased safety.

Furthermore, with a cabled system you do not have to worry about adding extra antenna to counteract the effect of metal on wireless signals, meaning that you can be sure your message with get through and keep your crew safe and informed.

Like all of our products, the TalkBack rig intercoms are now also available as short or long term rental units, giving our clients better flexibility.