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    Altus Intervention, United Kingdom

6th August 2015

TestLog: the benefits of going digital


Eztek creates instrumentation, for purchase and rent, which can be customised to suit client needs, powerful enough to deliver reliable and detailed results, and simple enough to require little or no training.

Eztek’s latest TestLog workshop logging system incorporates an automatic stability test feature, which eliminates human error and saves time.

The TestLog can be used to record up to four tests simultaneously, removing the need for several separate loggers or paper chart recorders and reducing the overall instrument cost to the client. The output reports can be completed electronically in PDF format, including on-screen inspector sign off. The file can then be backed up onto the client’s server.

With an adjustable sample rate of up to 40 times per second and the ability to add comments directly to a test report, the TestLog allows Eztek’s clients to efficiently complete accurate tests and produce detailed, professional reports. The training required to use this unit proficiently is estimated at around 20 minutes.

Despite a strong push towards increasing efficiency with digital technology, paper chart recorders are still commonly used in the oil and gas industry. Some clients prefer these electromechanical devices, generally because it is what they are most familiar with. However, an increasing number of operators now demand a higher standard of accuracy and consistency in test reporting.

When a key test requires pinpoint accuracy, slight changes in temperature, vibration, and humidity can affect a paper chart recorder, making it more difficult to detect an actual problem. These problems can increase as the machine ages, with parts becoming worn and sometimes difficult to replace. The pens used can run out of ink, leak or become clogged. If the charts and pens are not replaced in a timely way, the tests can be invalidated.

Digital data loggers, on the other hand, have no moving parts that can degrade or be disrupted. Software modifications can control for environmental factors and, as is the case with Eztek loggers, the resulting charts can show clear and accurate detail every time.

If a temperature probe is required it can be housed within the test area, as opposed to the ambient temp being recorded at the chart recorder. This gives a more accurate indication if the test is being influenced by temperature fluctuations.

Digital loggers also increase safety. The connection between a digital logger and pressured vessel is a harmless electronic signal. Paper chart recorders must be connected by a high pressure pipework. With a digital data logger the pressure is contained within the test area.

Beyond the benefits stated above, there are other advantages to going digital. An obvious advantage is the clarity of the information, both in how it is viewed in real time and in the final test report. Eztek PDF charts can be printed with as much test information as clients need, including information focusing on specific test points.

The TestLog adds the advantage of allowing clients to easily scroll through a test, view historical tests, and add comments to any point in the test report. Digital copies of test reports can also be easily shared and stored.

The improvements to the TestLog were made based on client input.

General manager Robin Hunter commented: “Over Eztek’s last 22 years, we have built up a wealth of expertise in order to offer clients the best possible service. It is important that we continue to listen and respond to what our clients need, regardless if product is for purchase or for hire. We also now provide a wider range of calibration services, as well as our usual maintenance services and continuous software updates.”


This article was also published on OilVoice