Touch-screen data logger for ATEX Zone 2 hazardous areas

Reduce downtime. Improve efficiency. Optimise Data.

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The ATEX-Zone 2 Tallybook Touch is a skid-mountable data-logging system, but still portable at 4kg. The optical touch-screen allows for use in wet conditions, even by workers wearing gloves. The controls are intuitive and allow the user to alternate between a graphical and digital view of the real-time data.

Typical Applications:

The Tallybook Touch is optimized for use on pumping skids. Also used for Well Cementing, Coiled Tubing, Nitrogen Pumping, Gravel Packing, Well Bore cleanouts and general Completions Services.


  • Zone 2 USB Stick
  • Rechargeable External Battery Pack
  • External Power Adaptor
  • Solar Panel Charger
  • Panel or Wall Mount

Additional Info

  • Product Details:
    • ATEX Zone 2 hazardous area compliant
    • Touch screen with onscreen keyboard for data entry
    • PDF download via standard USB memory stick
  • Product Details Extra:
    • Graphical or digital display
    • Real-time recording software
    • 10.4” high brightness display
    • Typically 12 inputs, 4 outputs
    • AC/DC operation
    • Robust diecast enclosure
    • Free standing or panel mounting
    • Client logo embedded on charts